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Is the oldest of three sons from the late Grand Master Shojiro Jibiki. Kancho Kazuhiro accompanied his father when he traveled through the world spreading   KenshoKai. He was also very active in the teaching in the Hounbu dojo and assisted him with duties at the AJJKF.

When the later Grand Master Jibiki passed  Kazuhiro Jibiky took over the duties of running the International KenshoKai Goju-Ryu Karate Federation and is now Kancho.

He travels to train all Kenshokai schools all over the world and now has taken the responsibility of the All Japan Junior Karate-Do Federation as President. The late Kancho Jibiki was the founder of that organization.

  • All Japan Junior Karate Federation – Director
  • Japan Ministry of Education – Official Sports Instructor for junior
  • Japan Athletic Association – Official Instructor for Junior
  • Tokyo Metropolitan Area – Official Instructor
  • Adachi Area −Official Sports Instructor
  • A-Class Licensed Referee of All Japan Junior Karate Federation
  • National Coach of All Japan Junior Karate Federation Hawaii Camp
  • Adachi Area Karate Federation – Secretary General
  • Adachi Area Karate Competition – Acting Director
  • Japan Athletic Association, Tokyo Junior Karate – Secretary General
  • Representative of Adachi Area Junior Sports Association