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Grand Master Shojiro Jiviki was born in Tokyo Japan in 1942. In 1956 at the age of 14 he began to train with the Gogen Yamaguchi. In 1957 started to train Nihon Goju-Ryu with Grand Master Sosui Ichikawa. In 1965 Kancho Shojiro Jibiki established Nihon Goju-Ryu Kenshokai Karate-Do Federation and became Chairman. In 1966 he established Taito area branch.

In 1974 Kancho Jibiki traveled to South American founding Kenshokai Goju-Ryu Karate-Do branches in Columbia and Ecuador. Kancho Shojiro Jibiki was also a pioneer in Sport Karate as he founded the All Japan Junior Karate-Do Federation

September, 1984 – Established Kenshokai Miami branch, Florida State in the USA

January 14, 2002 – The First Grand Master Shojiro Jibiki passed away in his age 58 and the present Master Kazuhiro Jibiki scceeded the position

March, 2006 – JAPAN/USA GOODWILL KARATEDO CHAMPIONSHIPSE was held at Adachi-Sogo Sports Center

March, 2006 – Machiya branch closed and ended its 40 year’s history. The headquarter was transferred to the newly established Hanahata branch

In 1965 he establishes Kenshokai Goju-Ryu and in 1970 opens Headquarter in Arakawa area of Tokyo. In 1974 Established Kenshokai branch in South America, Columbia and Ecuador. He lived in that country for a year and has travel back every year since sometimes two and three times. 1984 he travels to United States to established Kenshokai Miami branch, He has traveled all over the world teaching Goju-Ryu.

January, 1979 – The present Master Kazuhiro Jibiki was born and started Karate when he was three years old

Grand Master Shojiro Jiviki was one of the first to advocate tournament competitions for

Kids and youngsters. The Karate community baulked at the idea of tournaments geared for kids so young. But Master Jiviki did not waiver from his idea, he knew that kids are the future of society and that the earlier you start them on Karate the farther they would excel.

He founded the All Japan Junior Karate-Do Federation with his schools and some of his friends. Knowing that they had a lot of differences he decided that the tournaments would be limited to Kumite only. This again brought some criticisms from some of his pears, but he knew that Karate-Ka always argue about Kata and he need to unite schools and systems. He believes greatly on Kata and was a perfectionist stressing basics.

Kancho Shojiro Jibiki died in Tokyo January 14, 2002. His oldest son Kazuhiro Jibiki is now Kancho and Head of International Federation Kenshokai Goju-Ryu Karate-Do.