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Sosui Ichikawa first exposure to Karate-do was when he was a student in Middle School and saw his school teacher, Mr. Nakasone give a demonstration of Kata and Tameshiwari (breaking).

After graduating from Middle school he joined the Imperial Japanese Navy and became a member of the Anti-Aircraft Artillery Unit. As time went by, he received several promotions in rank and before long, had command over five men in his unit.

As fate would have it, two of the five men in O-Sensei’s command were from Okinawa and were also students of Karate-do.

During their tenure together out at sea, when not engaged in military duties, the Okinawan sailors and Sosui Ichikawa would train together in Karate-do. After World War II ended, he was relieved from his unit and moved back to his parent’s home in Ueno     Tokyo. Because of the devastation that Japan suffered during the war, he became very withdrawn and spent all his time alone, focused on Karate training.

He joined a Dojo in Kawasaki that was under the instruction of Kanki Izumikawa. He later became the most senior student of Kanki Izumigawa’s the successor of passing the Seiko Higa line of Goju-Ryu in mainland Japan.

He started teaching Karate-do at home where his Dojo was located. He called the Dojo Sosui-Kan, after his first name. Within a short period after he initially started teaching, he had so many students that lessons had to actually be held in nearby park. Many great Shihan came from this Dojo.

When Kanki Izumikawa finally passed away, Sosui    Ichikawa  was the inheritor of the Seiko Higa Lineage of Goju-Ryu Karate-Do.

Sosui Ichikawa was the Late Kancho Shojiro Jibiki’s   instructor.