Grand Master Xie Zhonghxiang (Ryu Ru Ko)

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July 1852 – February 1930.

Pictured is Xie Zhongxiang (He was also called Ryu Ru Ko), the founder of   Whooping White Crane Quanfa (a system sometimes mistaken with its counter part    ‘Feeding Crane’ another Crane style Gung Fu which  mphasizes aggressive and offensive techniques).

Xie Zhongxiang sometimes referred to as “Rusi” by locals of his village was born in Chang-le, Fujian. In his early years, he  followed in the footsteps of “Pan Yuba” to study Ming He Quan.

In 1883, he set up a martial arts center and started to receive students and pass on his style of Wushu.

His Chinese boxing style Quan Fa had its own special and unique characteristics.  He was a first generation master (Shi) of Whooping Crane Boxing.

In 1866, Ryu Ru Ko formally started teaching his form of Te.

Many believe that Xie was the teacher of Higashionna Kanryo and other turn-of-the-century Okinawan.

Whooping Crane which strikingly resembles Goju Ryu particularly in Suparunpai, Kururunfa, Saifa, etc; those Kata brought back to Okinawa from China each demonstrate specific movements from White Crane.

This would explain as back up evidence to the current line of history, which is still somewhat fuzzy due to the destruction of material during the Second World War.

Ryu Ru Ko is given credit for being the teacher of Higaonna Kanryo Sensei .