How to Learn Kenshokai

It should be learned like learning a new language.

Remember the most important thing is: PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE!

KenshoKai Goju-Ryu Karate-Do should be taught and learned the same way a language is taught. First you must learn the phonetics and the structure of the system.

You must learn to how to tense and focus power (this is comparable to Phonetics) how to relax to generate more speed (pronunciation drills), and then come the basic technics “Kihons”(words that must be memorized).

Put techniques together with forward movement “Kihon Ido”(words into sentences) learn and practice “Kata” (prearranged intellectual conversations).

Daily practice and commitment to all that is taught “attend class” (will give confidence in your abilities) supplementary exercise like running, weight training, stretching ECT. (home work)  and then bunkai, sparring and competition- fighting (system thesis, conversations and debates).