Is the most though out ability in all sports? But how to achieve really fast abilities.

Well let’s start by having a very condition body for the ability that is desired first. And that means work to condition the body for that specific action and that must be plyometrics. You want to be fast you must have more fast twitch muscle fibers than slow twitch and that is the starting point.

Second the straining for speed is short and all out! What does that mean? Well you want to be fast with a gyako suki do not practice 1000 reps as hard as you can but, 10 to 15 as fast as you can. Once you get tired and that technique slows down you are not training speed, usually high number of reps is not just for building endurance but also for mental fortitude.

The key is correct breathing, in other words inhale before the technique starts and exhale as the technique is performed.  This breathing sequence is the same for speed and power the difference is in the execution.  You cannot perform a fast technique with a slow exhale.  You cannot perform a fast technique without exhaling, well you can it just wont be as fast.

The key is to concentrate on exhaling, make it as fast as you can hopefully you can exhale faster than your technique gets executed which is good. You want your technique to “catch up” with your exhale. This is the best way to practice speed. Also understand if kiaying and you want the technique to be fast it must be low in volume and quick to finish.  Long and loud kais are for delivering powerful techniques not fast ones. Exhaling is a synchronization tool that we use to sink the mind and the body into one. FAST QUICK EXHALES.

Please make sure that only the muscles that are involved with the motion should be used if not they will slow down the technique. Practice fast contractions of the torso as you exhale and you will see your speed increase.